Rest Day Reflections #4

Well I suppose that it technically doesn’t count as a rest day if you run 11 miles…but we will let it go this one time.

It’s been another busy week! My parents were in town for a few days and I even got to go for a run with my mom.

This week was also full of firsts: first run in my new shoes, first new bike since middle school, first bloody nose ever, and first accepted journal publication.

Week Stats:

Miles Run: 29.5
Yoga Classes: 0
Strength Training Sessions: 2
Cross-Training: 10 mile bike ride
Weeks Until Marathon: 7
Races Run: 1
Cakes Baked: 1

Things I am Grateful for This Week:

1) The Zoo
This week I spent a morning at the zoo with my family AND I ran the Henry Vilas Zoo Run Run 5k. I love visiting the animals (especially the red pandas) and since the zoo is free, it doesn’t hurt my grad student bank account!

2) My parents
It was so great to have my parents in town this week (and not just because they took me out to eat a few times). It can be hard to live far away from family and nothing makes me happier than getting to spend a few days with them.

My family circa 2006. Apparently we haven't taken any recent pictures!

My family circa 2006. Apparently we haven’t taken any recent pictures!

3) Dogs
Recently I have been volunteering at the local humane society, which means I get to play with dogs (and do laundry/dishes/etc). Nothing puts a smile on my face like taking a dog out for a walk or to play fetch, and the dogs are so excited to get out of their kennel. Plus it’s awesome when they get adopted by a loving family!

Ford and Skipper - my childhood dogs, both adopted from a shelter.

Ford and Skipper – my childhood dogs, both adopted from a shelter.