Terrified of Twenty!

Tomorrow I am scheduled to go for my longest run ever:

20 miles!

It sounds so scary and I am really nervous!

When I first started running, I felt like this about every long run. I remember when 6mi seemed unattainable. Lately, though, I have felt pretty calm about longer runs and they don’t disrupt my schedule the way they used to. But 20 just feels…different.

In order to calm my nerves, I have prepared myself ahead of time. I have my route mapped out. I have my Garmin charged and my phone ready with podcasts. I have my running clothes out and my fuel packed.

Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom

I am trying to calm myself by remembering that it’s only about 4mi more than my previous longest distance. I have done two 16 milers – one was great and one was terrible. But I know that with every mile, it gets harder to tack one more on.

Luckily, the weather looks like it will be great!

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 5.10.50 PM

I am also a little bit excited – 20mi makes my upcoming marathon feel so much more real. It’s also something that, just three years ago, I never could have imagined myself doing.

Do you have a run planned for the weekend? How do you deal with long run anxiety?