Rest Day Reflections #8

It’s now officially two weeks until the marathon. The race is creeping into my thoughts more frequently with each passing day.

I also appear to be coming down with some sort of illness – sore throat, stuffy nose, etc. Not good! When I get sick, it tends to last for a while and I don’t want to be sick while running 26.2mi. I have been making sure to get extra rest, drink lots of water, and take some vitamin C. Plus, I have been washing my hands like a maniac.

In other news, I actually had to wear long pants for one of my runs this week. I typically wear shorts until it is below 40 and we finally had some daytime temperatures in the 30s.

Week Stats:

Miles Run: 30
Yoga Classes: 3
Strength Training Sessions: 2
Weeks Until Marathon: 2
Sodas: 0 (Last night, I almost caved. But I managed to stay strong while others were drinking delicious diet cokes)

Things I am Grateful for This Week:

1) Group Halloween Costumes

I typically dislike dressing up for halloween, because I am terrible at coming up with ideas and not particularly crafty. But when it’s a group costume, I can totally get on board. Last night, some friends and I dressed up as Kiss. It was surprisingly awesome. I was uncertain that we would pull it off, but I am feeling pretty pleased.

My attempt at a mid-70s style Ace Frehley.

My attempt at a mid-70s style Ace Frehley.

"Gene Simmons" rocking the DJ booth.

“Gene Simmons” rocking the DJ booth.

All together now! (Photo by Lyn/Paul Stanley)

All together now! (Photo by Lyn/Paul Stanley)

2) Pumpkins

Pumpkins are one of my favorite things about fall. Not only can you eat them, you can also make jack-o-lanterns!

This is about the extent of my carving skills...and apparently my photography skills aren't much better

This is about the extent of my carving skills…and apparently my photography skills aren’t much better

What are you being for Halloween this year?

Any suggestions for fighting off a cold?