Trying to Remain Calm

This morning I went for my final pre-marathon run. Just an easy 3.5 miler to shake out my legs. It’s crazy to think that the next time I run will be in a marathon. Everything felt pretty good, well except for the fact that I am not quite adjusted to below freezing temperatures yet.

Now that the race is only a couple days away, it feels like this thing is really going to happen. My parents get into town in about an hour and tonight I’ll pick up my race bib. I don’t know where the time went, it seems like just yesterday that I was registering (okay, I registered back in March so I could pay the super discount price, but it definitely doesn’t feel like its been more than 7 months since then).

Currently I am feeling mentally calm, although my body is really restless. Going from running a lot to resting a lot has left with me with some extra energy! My goal is to stay calm for as long as possible and to keep reminding myself that I have done the preparation and there is nothing more I can do at this point. Mostly I just don’t know what to expect, which is not a feeling I like.

Any words of wisdom?

How do you stay calm before a race or other big event?


4 thoughts on “Trying to Remain Calm

  1. “Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.”
    You’ll be fine. Hugs to you and wishes for no muscle cramps, and that the wind will blow gently and the sun to be visible but not make you too warm. Enjoy your day and try to maintain your water balance by rehydrating as needed. ( that’s the human physiology requirement)!!!!!!! Enjoy your run. I am so proud of all you have accomplished!!!

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