Rest Day Reflections # 7

Yesterday’s 20 miler marked my final really long run before the marathon. For the next few weeks, I will keep running as frequently, but fewer miles.  I am glad to start tapering, my legs need a break…but I know that before long I will be completely stir crazy.

My run yesterday was…interesting. I was in Kentucky for a wedding, so it wasn’t as easy as putting on my shoes and heading out the door. With the help of some friends, I picked out a place to run: The UK arboretum.

The arboretum isn’t huge, but it is connected to some subdivisions. So my 20 miles were spent weaving through the arboretum and the surrounding neighborhoods – over and over and over. At least the arboretum was very pretty and I got to run a lot of hills.

The hardest part of my run was the weather. When I left my hotel at 7:30am, it was chilly. By the time I got to the arboretum, it was 50 and sunny. I started out in a long sleeve shirt, because I needed to warm up a bit. After a few miles, I was warm and changed into my t-shirt (my car was stocked with all sorts of clothes).  Around mile 9, the weather changed drastically. The sun disappeared, it began raining, and over the next 11 miles the temperature dropped by about 10 degrees. But the worst part was the wind, which made it feel so much colder. The last 5 miles were a struggle, and I was so glad when my GPS finally hit 20 miles.

I ran back to my car, excited to be out of the rain and cold. Unfortunately, my fingers were numb and it took me about 5min to open my car door – who knew pushing those little buttons could be so difficult? I changed into some dry clothes and headed back to the hotel, with the heat on full blast the whole way.

Back in my hotel room, I was still chilled. I cranked up the heat in my room and proceeded to take an excessively long and hot shower. Once I was all warmed up, I made sure to hang up my running clothes – there are few things more disgusting than wet running clothes being packed into a suitcase.

The whole bathroom looked like this

The whole bathroom looked like this

There was no time to rest though, I needed to get ready for the wedding! Somehow I managed to spend the next 8 hours wearing in high heels, dancing until midnight.



All in all, I am happy with my 20 miler. It was much slower and not as much fun as my last one. But this run really tested my perseverance and I am proud to have stuck with it!

Week Stats:

Miles Run: 34
Weeks Until Marathon: 3
Sodas: 0


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