Packing for 20 Miles

This weekend I have my second 20 mile run scheduled. This will be the last really long run before the marathon. My previous 20 miler went well, but I am still nervous to do it again.

This run has an added challenge: I will be out of town for a friend’s wedding. So I will be doing my run in Kentucky!

My plan is to talk to the hotel staff and try to map out a 5mi loop. Then I would repeat the loop 4 times. Might not be the most fun, but I don’t want to stray too far in an unknown place.

This also means that I had to pack for my run.  I am a pretty intense packer (there are usually multiple color-coded lists involved), so my nervousness combined with my hyper-organization made it hard to decide what to bring.

The weather looks like it will be pretty nice all weekend (50-60s), so that did help some – no bulky winter clothes. I wear shorts and short sleeves until it gets into the 40s. But I packed a few different outfit options, just in case.

After taking this photo, I added another shirt...and more socks

After taking this photo, I added another shirt…and more socks

I also needed to pack fuel for the run. I am not even sure what I want to eat tomorrow, much less Saturday, so I made sure to include plenty of options.



Luckily all of my fuel fits neatly inside my water bottle.

It's all in there! So efficient!

It’s all in there! So efficient!

Now that I am all packed, I just need to deal with my nerves!




5 thoughts on “Packing for 20 Miles

  1. Have fun! I found out that to avoid my mile 22 toe cramping I should have wiggled my toes randomly to keep the lactic acid from pooling. My steady footfall didn’t move the toes sufficiently. (Info from nurse that run) Best of luck, you’re now a pro at 20:)

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