Rest Day Reflections # 6

It has been a low-key running week. It came at just the right time, since my legs were starting to feel the effects of all the miles.  I took advantage of the extra time to do some foam rolling and stretching. Currently, my legs are feeling pretty good – let’s hope it lasts!

We have a love-hate relationship

We have a love-hate relationship

As of today, there are exactly four weeks until the marathon. I am starting to get nervous. I have one more high mileage week (including a 20 miler), and then I will start tapering. Now that I am a month out, it actually feels real. Which is both exciting and scary.

Week Stats:

Miles Run: 24
Yoga Classes: 2
Strength Training Sessions: 2
Weeks Until Marathon: 4
Sodas: 0

Things I am Grateful for This Week:

1) The Sun
The sun was absolutely beautiful today. We will be having less sun in the coming months, so I am glad to enjoy it while it’s here.

2) Cinnamon Spice Tea
So warm and delicious.



3) Coffee Shops.
When I work at coffee shops, I am significantly more productive than when I work from my office. Which probably isn’t saying much…


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