Rainy 10 Miler

This morning I did an easy 10mi long run. I was glad it was a cut-back week, because my legs have been feeling tired lately!

Since I live near the football stadium, Saturday morning runs in the fall are always interesting. I have been offered many beers and many drunken words of encouragement Today, I got yelled at through a megaphone, which was new. Hearing “Hey runner! Looking good!” is a little jarring when it’s that loud!

Once I got away from the crowds, I admired the changing colors on the trees. I suppose it really is fall, although it didn’t feel like it. When I started my run early this morning, it was already 60 degrees and 90% humidity.

Starting to turn colors!

Starting to change colors!

About 4 miles into my run, it suddenly started raining. I used to avoid running in the rain at all costs, but I have learned to really enjoy it. I like the sound of the rain, and today it removed some of the humidity from the air, which was great.

Drying out my shoes

Drying out my shoes

The rest of the run was pretty uneventful. I was struck by how much my long runs have changed over the years. Three years ago, running 10 miles was unfathomable. I never imagined that I would actually make it that far. I certainly never imagined I would be grateful that I had to run “only” 10 miles.

Finally, I have a few shout outs:
1) Happy birthday to my amazing dad!
2) Congratulations to Jackie on her first marathon!


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