For the month of October, I have decided to give up diet soda. I am telling you this because if I don’t announce it publicly, I probably wont last very long.

I don’t always drink a ton of soda. But lately, due to stress, I have been drinking more and more each day. It’s not uncommon for me to have polished off 20 oz of Coke Zero by 10am. This Sunday, I drank an entire two liter bottle by myself.

Sunday soda bender

Sunday soda bender

There has been a lot of press about diet soda lately, all talking about just how bad it is for us. While I don’t think diet soda is doing my body any favors, I also don’t think it’s the devil in liquid form. What I really don’t like, however, is how much I am craving soda. I can barely make it through a meeting without having the urge to sneak out to the vending machine. 

So for the month of October, I am going to say no to diet soda. This will be a way to a) reset my internal soda craving system, and b) save me some money (sodas from the vending machine really add up).

I have already made it through two days and I hate to admit that it wasn’t easy. Today I was at the grocery store and the sodas in the check out aisle were calling my name. So wish me luck!

Do you drink soda?





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