Noelle Bikes!

Although running is my favorite way to stay active, incorporating other activities is fun too. Biking is something I really enjoy, but haven’t done much of in the last few years. This was due mostly to me not having a bike…

My previous bike was stolen out of my garage a few years back, and I have been thinking about buying a new one ever since.  This week I finally actually went out and got a new one, which is super exciting!

So shiny!

So shiny!

My last bike was purchased about 13 years ago, and it turns out bikes have gotten a lot better since then – who knew!?! This new one doesn’t take nearly as much effort to pedal and the gears shift without making any horrible noises.

I also made sure to get a new helmet, since I don’t know that a decade old one would do my head much good.

Old helmet...and new one!

Old helmet…and new one!

I am excited to have a new way to commute around town and I am looking forward to going out for a long ride tomorrow!

What are you favorite non-running activities?


3 thoughts on “Noelle Bikes!

  1. I’m trying to get into swimming and biking but my biggest love was Zumba and Insanity before I ran. Now, those classes seem to be too high intensity for my foot when I am running this much, so I will be alternating between spinning class and swimming. I don’t have an actual bike to ride outside, but plan to get one next Spring. Enjoy the ride!

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