New Shoes!

I typically get 300mi out of a pair of running shoes before they start making my feet hurt. When my current pair hits 200mi, I purchase a second pair and start rotating them. Once the original pair has reached the end of its life, I switch exclusively to the new ones.

Last week I bought a new pair and today I took them out for their first run!

So clean!

New pair – so clean!

New shoes can be tricky at first, and it took me a mile or so to get the laces just the way I like them. I am sure I looked totally weird as I repeatedly pulled over to the side of the path to readjust my shoes!

Old pair

Old pair

Since I am prone to injury, I am particular about my running shoes. This means that my new shoes are exactly like my old ones. Luckily I got some fun pink shoe laces from the running store to help me tell them apart!

The shoes of far.

The shoes of 2013…so far.

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