Rest Day Reflections #2

This week has been pretty intense, both work-wise and life-wise. Luckily, I found time to get my runs in, which helped keep me from losing my mind!

Week Stats:

Miles Run: 26.3
Yoga Classes: 1
Strength Training Sessions: 2
Cross-Training: 30min elliptical
Weeks Until Marathon: 8 (cue panic)
Dissertation Proposals Turned In: 1

Things I am Grateful for This Week:

1) Fall
The first hints of fall are in the air and the cooler weather has been great for running. Plus, it’s football season!

2) Brunch
I love doing brunch. The chance to hang out with friends, eat breakfast food, and not have to get up super early…priceless.

2013-09-14 10.17.05

Mmmm…hot chocolate

3) Pink Shoelaces
Picked up some new running shoes at Berkeley Running Company yesterday. Due to my foot size/mechanics, I am limited in what I can wear. Sadly, this pretty much excludes all the cute, brightly colored shoes. To help make my shoes a little more fun, the staff at Berkeley treated me to a free pair of shoelaces 🙂

So fun!

So fun!

How was your week?

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